Concert Information

Friday, March 20, 2020
West Side Presbyterian Church

Prelude Concert – 7:30PM

Guest Ensemble

The Salvation Army New York Staff Band

Prelude Concert

Brooklawn Middle School 8th Grade Band
Joseph Stella & Carrie Sack, Directors 

New York Staff Band

New York Staff Band

Due to COVID-19, this concert has been postponed.  Click here for more information.


The New York Staff Band represents the finest in Christian brass band performance. Holding the distinction of being the first ‘staff band’ in Salvation Army [SA] music history, the NYSB meets the challenge of maintaining the highest standards of musical practice and Christian ministry expected of such a model group. When the band released its first 33-rpm ‘long play’ [LP] back in 1957 under Staff Bandmaster Richard Holz, it was heralded as ‘America’s Foremost Brass Band.’ The liner notes stated boldly: “From the ‘greatest city in the world’ comes one of the greatest bands of the world. The description of the band by a leading New York music critic over 70 years ago–“amateur musicians who play like professionals”–can easily be underscored and endorsed in the second decade of the 21st century. The NYSB has been and continues to be a trailblazer in SA and brass band music making.

The band has visited the United Kingdom more than eight times, toured Europe and Scandinavia on multiple occasions, traveled several times to the Far East, Australia, and New Zealand, been across the border into Canada on more than 20 occasions, and performed coast to coast in the USA. In all of this, added to a pace-setting, unprecedented series of recordings, they have played a major, significant role in the nurturing and encouragement of the worldwide brass band community and especially the music program of The Salvation Army.

Program Highlights

New York Staff Band

The Red Shield – Henry Goffin
To Boldly Go – Peter Graham
Song and Dance – Philip Sparke Brindley Venables, Cornet Soloist
Amazing Grace – William Himes
Rhapsody on St. Francis – Andrew Wainwright


Power and Glory March – Sousa
Equus – Eric Whitacre
Metropolis 1927 – Peter Graham